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Prescription Compounding

Chantilly Pharmacy understands that there are certain medications that need to be customized to meet the patient’s specific needs, whether it be a cream, capsule, or even a tasty treat for a pet. We have specially trained pharmacists who can compound your medication to provide you with more options for taking your medications if you have issues with it. They can customize your prescription in the exact strength, dosage, or mix of ingredients that you require.

Compounding acts as an alternative solution when mass-manufactured prescription drugs are unavailable. It possesses the same effect and combined ingredients. Compounding can also be customized with added flavor, favored form, preferred mix of ingredients, or being suitable for veterinary medicine. This process can benefit patients especially to children, elders, or individuals who have allergic reactions to a particular drug ingredient.

We at Chantilly Pharmacy cater compounding medications such us Capsules, Creams and Gels, Rectal Suppositories, Pet Medication, Geriatric Dosages, Lip Balms, Oral Suspensions, Pediatric Dosages, Lozenges, and more.

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